Important Information for Balloon Rides

1. We cannot allow for pre-registration of balloon rides due to weather and availability. Please know that hot air balloon rides are rare to provide due to such teperamental conditions.

2. To find out if rides are available, report to the INFORMATION BOOTH at the airport for each flight. Rides are first come, first serve. We would recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before anticipated flight times.

- Saturday Morning - Flights at Sunrise

- Saturday Night - Flights 2 hours before Sunset

- Sunday Morning - Flights at Sunrise

3. Rides are $250 per person. Please be prepared to pay for the ride at the time of registration with the information booth. 

4. Balloonists reserve the right to make final decisions on offering balloon rides. The event organizers cannot make these decisions.


5. Know that balloon rides are a beatiful experience - HOWEVER - the landings can be difficult and health concerns should be considered before participation.

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